I have run a specialist endometriosis clinic at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital for many years. This is now part of a multidisciplinary team which offers expertise for the management of all cases including complex disease which may require the input of other specialities such as radiology, bowel and urinary tract surgeons, pain clinics. As endometriosis may be a chronic or recurring disease, I believe it is important to consider immediate and short term relief of symptoms and treatment of the condition, as well as to plan long term strategies to maintain well being, quality of life and fertility. In this way, during a lifetime, I aim to minimize the effect of endometriosis and therefore the need for as few operations as possible.

I also believe that many lifestyle choices impact on the severity, frequency and degree of symptoms suffered by a woman with endometriosis. In order to take a fully holistic approach to the management of this condition, I therefore think it is essential to look at issues such as diet, bowel function, water intake, pain killers and exercise in order to maximise symptom control and well being.

However, patients’ views and choices will always be respected when planning treatment and management options.


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