Menstrual/Hormonal Disorders

Fibroids, Heavy or Irregular Bleeding
Heavy or irregular periods are both very common symptoms which may be due to a variety of causes. They can cause distress, inconvenience and significant interference with life and work, but they can be resolved.

It is important to take a careful history, examination and arrange appropriate investigations in order to make a diagnosis. Having achieved this, there are many different treatment strategies which can be considered, discussed and selected by an individual patient. This can range from simple medical treatment or the Mirena (levonorgestrel) coil, through to more invasive and surgical procedures.

Once again all options that are appropriate are discussed in detail with their risks and benefits and other holistic approaches also considered.

The cessation of periods can be a manageable transition for many women, but for others there can be symptoms which have a significant impact on quality of life. Discussion and management options to help with this can be fully discussed.

PCO & Other Hormonal Conditions
Understanding polycystic ovaries and other hormonal irregularities e.g. lack of periods, is key to choosing management options. Following appropriate investigation and diagnosis, discussion will include careful explanation and medical, lifestyle and cosmetic choices for management and if indicated consideration of fertility implications.

Gynaecology Health Checks/Contraception
Well woman health checks can be performed. Cervical smears, HPV and STD testing, mammogram, blood tests are all available and comprehensive contraceptive advice.


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